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Great Divide’s Espresso Oak Aged Yeti

This is a beer that makes my mouth water every time I read the label.  It’s Great Divide’s Espresso Oak Aged Yeti.  This Yeti is a stout aged on oak chips with espresso coffee.   It first debuted last year in 22 oz bombers and was an instant hit.  Luckily for your palette, the Yeti has returned.

In this bottle you’ll taste subtle vanilla oak, and  some bittersweet chocolate.  Espresso Yeti is roasty, creamy, and smooth.  If you are a fan of coffee and chocolate in your stouts, don’t pass this one up.

Espresso Oak Aged Yeti isn’t the only Yeti in Great Divide’s lineup.  Yeti appears as simply the Imperial Stout, Oak Aged Yeti and Chocolate Oak Aged Yeti (which is also extremely delicious.)   These limited offerings can be spotted in 22 oz bottles seasonally also.

Espresso Oak Aged Yeti is available February — March in 22 oz bottles — retailing around $9.99. Rare draft offerings also, sightings to follow.

9.5% ABV

75 IBU’s