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Goose Island & Frontera Releasing New Collaborations

Goose FronteraGoose Island and Frontera Mexican Grill have a beer collaboration – Alma.   While rumored to have come and gone already, Frontera Grill says there is enough to last through January, 2012.  That’s not the only collaboration between the brewery and the restaurant. Xocolatl, a barrel aged chocolate barleywine will tap this Wednesday at Frontera Grill.

Xocolatl is made with the same chocolate beans used in the divine hot chocolate served at Frontera’s sister restaurant, Xoco, Mexican vanilla and ancho chili. It was aged for 18 months in barrels used to age Elijah Craig 18-year-old whiskey.

Frontera proprietor Rick Bayless and Manny Valdes (Frontera) brewed the beer with Jared Rouben Goose Island Clybourn.  Marisol, GI’s Belgian Pale was also a Frontera collaboration.  The beer is billed as a “Latin Style White Ale.”  Up to now, the beer has only been available on draft.  It’s spiced with tangerine zest, coriander and ugli fruit (an orange hybrid.)

Corazon, is yet another Goose Island/Frontera collaboration – hitting taps at the restaurant in 2012.

Frontera Grill
445 North Clark Street, Chicago, IL 60654
Phone: 312-661-1434


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