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Would You Go To a Gun Range with a Bar?

Your knee jerk reaction is probably, WTF. A gun range with a bar? Wilshire Gun, a gun range with full bar, will open in Oklahoma City this summer.

The owners describe Wilshire Gun as a “guntry club” complete with fully automatic machine guns for rent. An important thing to note, the bar and the gun range will be safely separated. You have to scan your driver’s license to gain access to the bar area. Once scanned, you cannot re-enter the gun range.

This isn’t the only one of its kind. Here in Georgia, there is a gun range with a bar, called the Governors Gun Club, in Powder Springs. [WilshireGun]

One thought on “Would You Go To a Gun Range with a Bar?

  1. Yes, it would be great fun to blast a machine gun and then go to the bar for a nice Craft brew. Being from Canada this just may be on my bucket list since machine guns are only in museums up here.

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