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GEORGIA: Sunday Sales Vote Today?

Creative Loafing’s “Fresh Loaf” is reporting that the Sunday Sales could see a floor vote today, but not as SB 10.  Apparently there are enough senators demanding sunday sales see the light of day, so it has been attached to SB 150.  If it passes, it would be up to local governments to allow or disallow the sales of beer/wine/liquor on Sunday.

From the Fresh Loaf Article:
While the bill came through the Regulated Industries Committee and Rules Committee ”clean”, the amendment to attach Sunday Sales is expected on the Senate floor. I’m told there is a heated battle among Senate heavyweights to demand the bill be “engrossed”, which would prohibit amendments. This generally from Senators who find a recorded vote on Sunday Sales a lose-lose for them, or who can profit from a non-vote as a win-win. The engrossment of a bill is usally only done on a finance or ethics bill, so a vote for engrossment on this bill can be viewed as a proxy for those who do not want a Sunday Sales vote.

Researching this situation.  More to follow…

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