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GABF Tickets Hit eBay For As Much As $700

Opportunistic individuals. It’s been just shy of 2 hours since Great American Beer Fest tickets sold out, and some have already surfaced on eBay for nearly $700! That is the high end of the secondary sales of course.  It looks like tickets are starting around $149 dollars a ticket.  More than double the original cost ($65) of the ticket.  As you can see above and below – it’s a little ridiculous already.  Make sure you get that next day shipping. Mid October is WAY too close. Anyone with thoughts on these prices???



One thought on “GABF Tickets Hit eBay For As Much As $700

  1. It is a shame that 400+ tickets (that we know of so far) went to scalpers/resellers who have already begun unloading them onto the secondhand market, sometimes in blocks of 40+ at a time.   I expect these tickets will continue to be added over the next two months and we’ll never know just how many were purchased by those who had no intention of attending and seek only to take advantage of craft beer fans.

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