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Fox News Makes Lager Day Change

Yesterday, Fox News posted an article titled “Top 10 Beers for National Lager Day.”  We noted (rather sarcastically) that none of the beers were actually lagers.  The beers listed were solid craft beers, the article just didn’t make much sense for Lager Day.

Most people thought it was funny, and moved on with life. Somewhere later in the day, Fox News changed the article title, and removed the Lager Day mentions.

That’s when comments and contacts came in that Beer Street Journal was being “misleading” about the link. (Even someone from Fox News reached out to BSJ trying explain the article never said that. )

You can see the original link, with the original title below.

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3 thoughts on “Fox News Makes Lager Day Change

  1. we had a good chuckle with this on twitter yesterday.. i back tracked the original posting to gayot (posted on 12/9) with the proper headline.. the whole thing was a bit odd on Fox’s part. shoe horn in another article for another site with a lager day headline and hope no one noticed?

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