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New Holland Launches BarrelWorks Project Furniture Line [PICS]

New Holland Brewing Co. has launched a new product line, but you won’t be drinking it. The Michigan craft brewery has launched the BarrelWorks Project, using spent oak barrels from the brewhouse and spirits line.

New Holland team members Coop & Padre saw the growing inventory of used barrels, and saw an opportunity to up-cycle. The first creation is the collapsable folding beach chair.

“BarrelWorks Project was not a top down mandate. It came from New Holland employees, staying true to the artistic values that the company strives to cultivate in the team,” said co-owner and Vice President of Retail Operations, Dave White.

The folding chairs were just the beginning. From there, the project grew to include tables, clocks, skateboards, even a guitar stand. All BarrelWorks Project products are available through their website or at the Downtown Holland pub (66 E. 8thStreet, Holland, MI)