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Founders Sells 30% of Brewery

Founders Brewing

Founders Brewing Company (Grand Rapids, MI) has sold a 30% stake in the brewery to minority investor, Mahou San Miguel. The partnership comes with access to international distribution, and long-term strategic growth.

Mahou San Miguel is based in Spain, founded in 1890 under the name Hijos de Casimiro Mahou. The group holds stake in various breweries around the world.

We knew that taking on a partner was the necessary, responsible thing to do for the future of Founders because it would open up new doors for growth as well as ensure our legacy for years to come,” said CEO and Co-Founder Mike Stevens. “We spent a long time determining who would be the best partner to help us grow Founders while staying true to our beers and our culture. Mahou shares our family values and a commitment to their communities; they also believe in the importance of long-term partnerships. We are honored to be working with a brewer that commands so much respect.”

Mahou purchased the San Miguel Brewery in 2000, and Cevezas Alhambra in 2007. Additionally, the group has partnership agreements with Carlsberg and Warsteiner. Founders Brewing Co. is the first American craft brewery investment by Mahou San Miguel.