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Here is Fort Collins Brewery’s full branding update

Fort Collins Brewery will undergo a large rebrand in 2016. The updates extend to not only the artwork but some of the recipes as well.

Artists local to Fort Collins Kelsey Knobel and Aubrey Inzer has been working on the brewery’s updated artwork, one of which is teased in the above artwork. The duo have attempted to bring the beer and brands to life in the artwork.

 “Kelsey’s ability to capture the spirit and essence of our upcoming lineup was integral for the rebrand.  Meanwhile, Aubrey was able to take those illustrations and cohesively create a look and feel that reflects who we are. She was able to come up with a minimalistic style and a retro vibe that pulls everything together” – Co-owner and general manager Tina Peters

Today the brewery has revealed branding of the brewery’s cans – Red Banshee, and Major Tom’s. Fort Collins Shot Down (Chocolate Stout) and Far Away (IPA) are both brand new releases.

The new branding will appear in spring, 2016

2 thoughts on “Here is Fort Collins Brewery’s full branding update

  1. How is the image of a woman nibbling a dog turd sexist? She can nibble my dog turd any day. Also, I love it when breweries make bad beer and then blame their branding for their lack of popularity. Two Hearted is proof that ultimately the beer is more important than the packaging.

  2. I take offense to the awkward drawing; it’s like her head can twist way farther than humanly natural! And yeah, she looks like she’s snacking on a turd. But, good luck to them! Nothing wrong with wanting to update your branding from time to time, and you’re certainly not going to please everyone since it’s always subjective.

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