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Football Is Back! SEC Rivalry Creates Beer Collab

25th Parallel Ale

Those of you not too into college football you’ll need this backstory. Terrapin Beer Company is based in Athens, Georgia – home of the University of Georgia Bulldogs. SawWorks Brewing is based in Knoxville, Tennessee – home of the Tennessee Volunteers. Both SEC teams are hardcore rivals. Trust me, I’ve stormed the field years ago in Athens. (Yep, still proud of it.)

The rivalry is deeper than just football. The name, 35th Parallel Ale refers to a centuries old border dispute that came back up a few years ago. During a severe drought, the State of Georgia brought up a nearly 200 year old cartographical mistake, that would move Georgia’s border back over a piece of the Tennessee River, to the 35th Parallel. That would give the state access to a much needed water supply.

Terrapin’s brewmaster “Spike” will brew this alcoholic throw down of a beer tomorrow in Knoxville. Style nuances are soon to follow.



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