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HOT. Flying Dog Carolina Reaper Peach IPA

Flying Dog Carolina Reaper Peach IPA

Flying Dog Carolina Reaper Peach IPA is now a part of the brewery’s “Heat Series.” This hot one is notable. Especially if you love hot food.

It’s all about the Carolia Reaper pepper. You should know it by now as the world’s hottest pepper. It’s ridiculously hotter than Jalapeño. It’s hotter than Ghost Peppers. The brainchild of Puckerbutt Pepper Company’s Ed Currie.

So this isn’t just all heat (and later intestinal discomfort), the brewery added peaches.

 This beer’s sweet peach and juicy hops hit you first and then the Reaper chews you up and spits you out. One to fear, for sure.

The brewery said it best when they said Flying Dog Carolina Reaper Peach IPA goes hard in the paint. That’s a hot, menacing pepper. You won’t soon forget it.

Style: IPA (w/ Carolina Reaper Peppers, Peaches)
Availability: 12oz Bottles
Debut: Mid-August, 2016

6.8% ABV

2 thoughts on “HOT. Flying Dog Carolina Reaper Peach IPA

  1. Since the pepper is diluted with beer, I am wondering: how hot is this beer?
    The scoville measurement of the Carolina Reaper is way up there. More that a million units. If the company was to measure the scoville units of this beer it might be a helpful selling/buying tool. I appreciate hot food, but I’m not insane enough to eat a Carolina Reaper. I prefer to have the heat enhance the savory flavors in the food rather than have it so hot that my hair ignites. Can you give us a clue as to how hot this beer actually is?

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