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First Look: Coney Island Rebranded

The Coney Island portion of Shmaltz Brewing’s lineup was recently sold to Alchemy & Science, a subsidiary of the Boston Beer Company. Shmaltz transitioned to a full brick and mortar brewery over the summer and wants to primarily focus on on the Hebrew lineup.

With the sale, the Coney Island brand will be overhauled, and distribution scaled back to just New York and New Jersey. This is the first look at the artwork.

Mermaid Pilsner’s recipe seems to remain the same with the addition of rye for a spicy take on the pilsner style.

Mermaid Pilsner is a light-bodied, crisp-drinking, hoppy lager. A heavy-handed addition of rye malt adds a mild spiciness, which is balanced by a light, fruity, floral hop aroma

This lady will still keep her 12oz bottle home.