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A fairly brilliant way to steal beer?

Genius beer heist

We’ve seen a lot of ways to steal beer. Smash and grabs, commandeering beer trucks, even pulling 18 wheeler cabs up to a brewery and driving away. (Except the thieves forgot about the onboard GPS). This theft is new to us.

22 year-old Darius Williams of Alabama decided to “cos-play” his way into his next fridge full of beer. Central Alabama Crime Stoppers states that Williams dressed as a delivery driver, entering the store with a delivery cart.

While inside the store, he loaded the cart with beer (it looks like Budweiser from the footage), plus some sodas, left the store.

Apparently this isn’t his first time either. Other store managers in the area have fell victim to the shady ruse.

At the time of this article, Darrius Williams is still at large. Anyone with information call CrimeStoppers or your local police department.

Via: WSFA. Image: Security footage, Crimestoppers

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