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Epic Larger. The “R” Is Supposed To Be There

Epic Brewing LargerEpic Beer  (Auckland, NZ) Larger. I know you are tempted say Lager (which is an Epic offering too.)  Larger is inspired by a host of American imperial pilsners.  The brewers actually tried a good few U.S. offerings – including Uinta’s Crooked Smile, and Port Brewing’s Panzer just to name a few.   The brewers decided on a new yeast strain, hops and malts to make their lager, LaRger.  It will be a Christmas time release from here on – headed stateside in 2012.

Often here at Epic we get enquiries via email asking what beers we have, sometimes it may even be a sales order and sometimes, there are spelling mistakes. It’s most likely that the word that is spelt wrong is lager, where an erroneous “R” makes it’s way in. So, it made sense that if we were going to brew a big Pilsner-style beer, that we would annoy everyone out there and call it Larger.  This now means we’re likely to get a load of people ordering the wrong beer at bars, bottle-stores getting confused and generally, a bunch of folk being miffed at us. Which is why it meant we had to make this beer taste awesome enough, that people wouldn’t worry about it’s slightly frustrating name.

Style: Imperial Pilsner
Hops:  Pacific Jade, Liberty, Santiam, Hallertau
Malts:  Weyermann Pilsner, Bohemian Pilsner
Yeast: Bohemian Lager (instead of California Lager)
Availability: 16.9 oz bottles. Seasonal Christmas release.
Arrival:  January, 2012 (Or earlier)

8.5% ABV