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Dundee Summer Joins The Can Revolution

Dundee Brewing joins the “Can Revolution” this summer with Summer Wheat Beer.  A wheat heavy offering includes a bit of rye for complexity.  Better beer in cans is a growing trend.  Cans are overcoming the stigma of being less desirable than bottles.  New can linings protect the flavor of the beer from aluminum. Beer is protected from light, the flavor stays fresh.  Cans are better for the environment. If you need even another reason, cans are perfect for the pool, camping, beach.   I’m sure that’s what Dundee had in mind too.

An American style wheat beer.  Brewed with 40% wheat and a touch of rye malt to produce a refreshingly unique flavor.  Aroma hops, fruity esters and a think, creamy head top off this summer classic.

Style: American Pale Wheat Ale
Hops: Galena (Bitter) Centennial, Cascade (Aroma)
Malts: Wheat, Rye
Taste Expectations:

Availability: 12oz bottles. Cans. Draft. April – July.

4.5% ABV, 18 IBUs

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