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Duclaw Sweet Baby Jesus Pulled From Grocery Store Shelf

Duclaw Sweet Baby Jesus, the brewery’s chocolate peanut butter porter, has been pulled from shelves at Heinen’s Grocery Store in Cleveland, Ohio. The issue? “Jesus” on the beer label.

Beer Street Journal reader Matt tipped us off that the beer was causing some issues at the grocery store.

When Beer Street Journal called Heinen’s, we were hung up on a couple of times. Finally, a clerk who answered because the manager didn’t want to deal with the conversation apparently, told us that a few people complained that the beer was called Sweet Baby Jesus, and threatened to never shop there again. So, it was pulled.

Despite the Heinen’s snub, the beer continues to do well everywhere [else] it is sold.

Heinen’s has no comment, and neither does Duclaw. So… that’s that.

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  1. Meh, a non-story. A smart businessman listens to his customers (even if they are backwards-thinking over-sensitive loonies).

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