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Chocolate Rain $300, Hunahpu $80, Cable Car $450

Anyone purchased beer on Ebay? Every hardened beer geek has.   Beers are currently on sale on ebay for up to 2000% more than the beer was sold for.   Breweries like Lost AbbeyStoneRussian RiverLost Abbey & currently on sale.  Brewers however, dislike the idea.  Tomme Arthur pretty much sums up their collective thoughts:

“We believe those selling beer on eBay should be chased down.”

Before you read the Washington Post article, check out these Ebay auctions

The Bruery: 2 Chocolate Rains, 3 Black Tuesdays.  $1,500  ($300 a bottle)

Lost Abbey : 2007 Cable Car. $350

Three Floyds: Dark Lord, 3 Vintages.  $150

Especially love this “entrepreneur.” Selling Life & Limb 2 for nearly 4x the amount, and it’s currently ON SHELVES.