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DRAFT: Allagash Thing 1, Thing 2

They come out of a box,
Thing 1 and Thing 2.
They do not say much,
Just “How do you do?”

Allagash Brewing has a Thing 1 Beer and Thing 2 Beer draft approvals.

UPDATE: Allagash’s Les Addis breaks down Thing 1 & Thing 2 Leading up to the brewday, we had some conversations with Todd and Jason Alstrom about what type of beer we should brew.  We decided to play a little off the concept we did for Big Little Beer and Little Big beer the beer we did for the Belgian Fest last year (which we will be brewing again next week, by the way).   The idea being that we would make 2-3 different beers with the same base wort.

So, we mashed in the following Grain bill:

Allagash 2-row blend (40%)
Belgian Pilsner Malt (48%)
Wheat Malt (6%)
Bonlander Malt (3%)
Briess Special Roast  (3%)

We ran off the full volume to the kettle, but before boiling, we diverted about 7 bbls to another tank (more on this later).  This allowed us to boil the larger volume (about 30bbls) and add the hops:

Bittering:  Northern Brewer
Flavor: Cascade and Tettnang
Aroma: Bravo (new hop variety, pleasant fruity aroma)

This will creat beer # 1:  A Belgian Table beer (about 5 % ABV), with some mild biscuit malt flavors and a pleasant hop aroma.

Then, we boiled the 7 bbls that we diverted and added a significant portion of dark candi sugar, regular sugar and steeped in some dark grains.  This will create a dark, slightly stronger (about 6.5 %) beer from the same base wort.  Hopping is the same as above, just a little heavier.

Both of the above beers will be fermented with our house yeast.

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