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Dogfish Head – Burton Baton

If you are a fan of oaky IPAs, then this is your beer.  Burton Baton is an occasional brew by Dogfish Head Brewery (Milton, Delaware) first brewed about 7 years ago.  Burton Baton is an English Old Ale blended with an Imperial IPA (90 min??) then aged in 1 of the 4 massive 10,000 gallon oak tanks on site.

There are more than 1 lb of hops per barrel used in Burton.  This hoppy IPA is full of Pacific Northwest hops adding a lot of citrus to the mix.  These hops are toned down a bit by the oak, adding some nice vanilla and wood tones.

Burton Baton is brewed in limited batches about 3 times a year.

Availability — 12 oz/4 pks

10% ABV