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Deschutes Lands In Springfield, Missouri (PR)

(Springfield, MO) — Jealous, much? Springfield craft beer lovers won’t be green with envy anymore! Deschutes Brewery, which launched its craft beer in other parts of Missouri in early January, is expanding distribution to Springfield, MO this week. Distributed by local company Wil Fischer Distributing, the brewery will be launching with both popular and limited release brands.

Jeffrey Gower, principal operating manager for Wil Fischer Distributing, said, “We are very excited that the Deschutes River will soon be flowing through the Ozarks. We are confident these high quality brews from the Deschutes Brewery in Bend, Oregon will be warmly welcomed by craft enthusiasts throughout the area.”

Beer fanatics in Springfield will be able to quench their thirst with favorites like Mirror Pond Pale Ale, a deftly balanced pale ale, and Black Butte Porter, the nation’s number one selling craft porter. Also included in the launch will be Deschutes Brewery’s Inversion IPA, the brewery’s fastest growing brand, and its spring seasonal, Red Chair Northwest Pale Ale. All four brands will be available in 6-packs, with Mirror Pond and Black Butte Porter also being available in 22-ounce bottles and on draft.

Additionally, Deschutes will be bringing in a limited amount of The Stoic, Black Butte XXIII and The Abyss for serious beer aficionados.

“Our first truckload of beer to Springfield, which hits today, was completely pre-sold,” said Dave Espe, Midwest zone manager for Deschutes Brewery. “We love seeing this kind of enthusiasm for our beers in new markets, and we are already getting another truck ready to supply our beer to Springfield fans.”

For more information on where Deschutes Brewery beer will be available in Missouri, please contact Brad Hootman, Market Manager, at 314-616-9796 [email protected].

About Wil Fischer Distributing
Wil Fischer Distributing was founded in 1966 by Wil and Vera Fischer as an exclusive Anheuser-Busch wholesaler. Today, Wil Fischer Distributing sells and distributes alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages from many suppliers across the country. The company’s business philosophy is and has always been “Excellence in all phases of business.” The entire Wil Fischer staff is devoted to the belief that quality service is what drives sells in the beverage industry. The company provides great service that delivers constant growth and continued customer satisfaction. Quality employees sell the highest quality product and deliver that product with exceptional service.

About Deschutes Brewery
Located in beautiful Bend, Oregon, Deschutes Brewery is in the business of daring people to expect more from their beer. That’s why we started off in 1988, on the banks of the Deschutes River here in Bend, Oregon, by selling Black Butte Porter at a time when others were sure a dark beer would never catch on. Our brewers love to push the envelope, especially if it makes someone nervous. But for us, the highest praise is a raised glass and a toast of “Bravely Done!” For more information about Deschutes Brewery and our courageously crafted beers, please visit

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