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Cypress Street’s Beer Geek Tuesday – 6/22

I’m really starting to look forward to Tuesdays.  It means awesome beer at Cypress Street.  Tonight features 3 beers from Allagash, paired with gourmet cheese.

The beers:

Odyssey – Belgian Dark Wheat, 10% ABV.  Barrel Aged.  In it’s second year.  Partially aged in Medium toast oak, another in stainless steel fermenters for 6 months.  Both are then blended together. Bottle conditioned with more yeast and Belgian Candi sugar.

Interlude – American Wild Ale, 9.5 ABV.  New release by Allagash.  Aged in French merlot and sirah barrels.  Belgian style ale.  House strain of Brettanomyces yeast. Bottle conditioned.  Unforgettable.

Four – Quad, 10% ABV.  Brewed with four malts, four hops, four sugars, and Belgian yeast strain.  Sugars include Light & Dark candi sugars, light golden molasses and date sugar.   Re fermented with 3 different strains, and then bottle fermented with a fourth in the cellar.  Life changing.

Each of these beers retail around 8-10 dollars a glass, close to 20.00 for a 750 ML corked and caged bottle.  Cypress brought in a true cheese head to design pairings with these elegant Allagash beers.  For $30 you get 3 beers and 3 cheese courses.  Hopefully you see the deal here.  It would cost you what I figure to be about $80 to pull this off at home.

Pairings begin at 6pm today – 6/22.

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