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Cypress Street Turns 3!

One of my favorite beer spots in Atlanta turns 3 today.  What better way to celebrate than with good beer, and food.  If you have been to Cypress Street, then you should go.  Stop being so anti-social. People are starting to suspect something.  If you have been before, todays a great time to go back.

Here’s the beer rundown.  VIP first. VIP is by invite only, however there will be leftovers. The VIP beers are public at 8pm. Don’t be late.


Terrapin – Hopsecutioner
Terrapin – GA Theatre #3 – Sound Czech
Terrapin – GA Theatre #4 – Hoptaneous Combustion
Terrapin – Side Project #13 – Big Daddy Vlady
CASK! Terrapin Side Project #14 – Tomfoolery

Beer Geek 3rd Anniversary Lineup

Bell’s Brewing – Hopslam 2011
Lost Abbey – Gift Of The Magi
Founder’s – Breakfast Stout
Founder’s – Nemesis 2010
Wild Heaven – Ode To Mercy Winter Ale (one of few remaining kegs)
Jailhouse Brewing – Smokey Wheat
CASK!  He’Brew – Lenny’s RIIPA – W/ Cedar chips & Simcoe
Bell’s Brewing – Batch 10,000 (bottle)

PLUS! Some surprises. What? I’m not telling.

Again, VIP beers are public by 8pm.  Get drinking, get celebrating.

Happy Anniversary Cypress Street! Here’s to many more hangovers!