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Cigar City Brewing Approved in Georgia

Cigar City Brewing has officially received approval in the State of Georgia!  Start drinking some of the CC hoard.

The brewery is based in  Tampa, Florida & Atlanta seemed like a no brainer for the next stop.  The only issue they have had (and not a bad situation to be in) is that their brewing brilliance, and demand was greater than their supply.  Plus, anyone who has either lived in America, or stepped foot in America knows we love our paperwork.  These things take time.

With that news, March 2011 looks to the target date for Cigar City’s launch Georgia.  Sources tell me that Aroma’s in Athens, GA will have a sizable launch party – with a massive tap takeover, and tap truck, the brewers, Santa Clause, the Easter Bunny, and that guy from the Dr. Pepper commercials. Worth an overnighter of a trip TO Georgia if you love the beer.

Congratulations to Cigar City! Launch beers, and more to follow…

3 thoughts on “Cigar City Brewing Approved in Georgia

  1. I had a Jai Alai IPA when I was in South Florida last week. It was a rich and delicious IPA. I look forward to getting Cigar City products here in Atlanta ASAP!

    • Jonathan – There was some snag with the State Of Georgia. They are still headed for Georgia, just delayed. Actually launch date soon.

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