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COMING SOON: Half Acre Ambrosia

Swung by Half Acre Brewing (Chicago, IL) yesterday and learned about this upcoming beer.  First and foremost – the label is awesome.  Nintendo, retro goodness.  Ambrosia is a wheat beer brewed with hibiscus flowers and oranges.

The label is indeed a little testament to that little gaming system we all know and love.  Half acre added a new 60 bbl fermenter last week, forcing the offices of Half Acre to be relocated.  In the new office spot was a top of the line video game addition-  ye olde 8 bit Nintendo. Prepare to blow. (on the cartridge to get the game to work pervert.)

In the interest of fully nerding out, you have ambrosia.  Well done. Well done indeed.

Availability: Mid March, 2011.  22oz bombers/draft. Chicago & surrounding area.



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