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Lost Abbey’s Framboise de Amorosa

Raspberry fiends, here’s one for you. Lost Abbey (San Marcos, CA) is releasing Framboise de Amorosa again in 2011.  LA touts this beer as “their first foray into the world of raspberry beers.”

Amorosa begins as Lost and Found Ale (Abbey ale, w/ raisins).  After brewing, it’s transferred into red wine barrels where it spends the next year getting raspberries added to it 3 different times.  Here’s the the beer equation (adding Lost & Found, plus the extra TLC)

Style: Dubbel, Lost & Found. American Wild Ale, Amorosa.
Hops: German Magnum and German Tettnang
Malts: Two Row, Wheat, Medium and Dark English Crystal, Special B and Chocolate Malt.
Adjuncts: Dextrose, raisin puree.
1 year, red wine barrels.

2011 Release is March 26th.

LA’s Flavor Profile: The first sip produces a sweet start with a long drawn out sour finish. So of the sweetnewss from the raspberries comes out before acidic notes join the mix. On the back end of the beer is a smoothing oak character which keeps the beer from becoming dull.

Availability: 375 ml bottles. Lost Abbey ships to 8 states.  Who/where gets them after the release? Mystery.

7% ABV