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Colorado State Could Be First University with a Brewery

Colorado State University is planning to add a working brewery to the student center. The build is a part of the Lory Student Center renovations that are taking place this summer.  The university already holds brewing courses and training, so brewery is no stretch. Especially in a state with a diverse brewery population.

The hands on training is essential to brewing. BSJ is told that the beer will be sold at a bar on campus/student center, but not distributed.

No equipment has been ordered.

Note: UC Davis has a pilot brewery for their brewing courses. However  “…Because the pilot brewery is strictly a research facility, all beer and ale produced there must be discarded, rather than being sold or given away.” [UC Davis Food Science]

 Above – a rendering of the finished student center after renovations. 

2 thoughts on “Colorado State Could Be First University with a Brewery

  1. It should be noted that the equipment will only be added if there is money left over from renovations, which won’t happen because the school doesn’t have the money as is to finish paying for the other renovations on campus.

  2. What’s next, a blown-up lab for horticulture majors? Great to see one the most proggressive States still trendsetting.–Nastic

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