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Coastal Extreme Brewing Co. Releases Newport Storm: Cyclone Series Sabrina

Newport, RI (Nov 2011) – A limited release ―Belgian Pale Ale, Cyclone Sabrina is the delightful offspring of two brewing worlds — Belgian and American. She was brewed in October on the second birthday of her namesake, Sabrina Ryan, daughter of one of Newport Storm‘s founders. Cyclone Sabrina (the beer) is quite simple up front (only pale malt was used) and relatively straight-forward without complicated hopping schedules. We chose to let the authentic Belgian yeast‘s attributes shine–with all its yummy carried phenols, bubble gum esters, and clove smells. A Cascade citrus background ties this beer to American Pale Ales without overshadowing the yeast‘s dominant profile. Lastly, this is our first unfiltered brew released at the new Newport Storm Brewery and is, like its namesake Cyclone Sabrina Ryan — beautifully unique.

Newport Storm‘s Cyclone Series of Limited Release Beers is the answer to craft beer lovers prayers. Named alphabetically like hurricanes, every few months a new, intense Cyclone hits the shelves, bringing a storm of unique flavor to your palette. Only 800 cases of each Cyclone beer is produced, the next beer in the alphabetical series being brewed once the previous one sells out. Each recipe is unique with a consistent commitment to every Cyclone‘ being an intense, assertive brew. Starting with Alyssa in 2006, the Series has proceeded down the alphabet alternating, girl boy girl boy, producing 19 unique brews to date. Gloria was a Pumpkin Ale, Luke was an India Red Ale, Elle was a Belgian Ale with hints of clove, while Isabel was simply hoppy and intense.

Coastal Extreme Brewing Company is Rhode Island’s Microbrewery, brewing Newport Storm beers since 1999. In spring of 2010 they built a new facility within the Newport city limits on JT Connell Rd. Their Visitors Center is open for tours and tastings from 12pm-5pm on Weekdays and Weekends (except Tuesdays). Newport Storm beers continue to be distributed throughout RI, MA and CT, with their beer lines including the flagship Newport Storm-Hurricane Amber Ale, Newport Storm- Rhode Island Blueberry, the Cyclone Series of limited release beers, the Storm of the Season beers, and the Annual Limited Release Series of bottle-conditioned beers. Their Summer Storm of the Season is available in kegs, cases, twelve-packs and six packs. Hurricane Amber Ale Cans are available in twelve packs in the summer months.

In 2006 they began the Newport Distilling Company, becoming the first distillers in Rhode Island in 135 years. Newport Distilling Company focuses on one signature spirit, Thomas Tew Single Barrel Rum, named after the famous Newport pirate. Thomas Tew Rum is an authentic aged pot still rum of the type that would have been made in Newport’s colonial rum heyday. Thomas Tew Rum is currently available for sale only in Rhode Island.