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Clown Shoes Mango Arrives This Summer

Clown Shoes Mango

Clown Shoes Mango, and American-style kolsch breed with sweet orange peel, and mango, releases this summer. The beer actually appears on the brewery’s release calendar starting in April, but it seems to have not released yet.

Crunkle Sam, tired of being a mere anomaly as a most refreshing summertime Barleywine, targeted a German beer style and bastardized it. He had us brew a traditional Kolsch, but made us add sweet orange peel and all natural mango flavor.

Clown Shoes Mango will be a summer offering in 22oz bottles.

Style: Kolsch (w/ Sweet Orange Peel, Mango)
Availability: 22oz bottles
Release: Summer, 2015

6% ABV