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Check Out Our Atlanta Beer Week ’12 Logo

Atlanta Beer Week 2012Atlanta Beer Week 2012 is coming, prep your livers.  October 20-27 will bring you the best beer, accented by some of the best food, and people in the industry.

If you ask me, Atlanta is one of the fastest growing beer markets in the United States.  With over 6 million people in and around the city, a great beer literally a few feet away.  In the past few weeks alone, Mother Earth Brewing, Anderson Valley, Clown Shoes, and Blue Point have entered the state.  Boulevard Brewing, Green Flash & Goose Island are on their way to the A.

 Let’s not forget some of the best beers are brewed in our own backyard.  Terrapin is growing, just passing the 10 year mark.  Red Brick shows us barrel aging is artform.  Wild Heaven brews up new beers while on the path to a home of their own in Avondale Estates.  2012 will be a big year for the Monday Night folks.  Georgia will have some hometown can beer soon when Red Hare  kicks up the line this summer.  Every time Jailhouse makes the 20 minute drive into the big city, it’s with a truck full of tasty that doesn’t last very long.  O’Dempsey’s been hitting some stout laden homeruns.  Oh, and Burnt Hickory?  We’re ready for you. Bring the heat.. SweetWater? Where to begin.  You don’t get ranked #23 craft brewery in the country for nothing.  They are the period at the long sentence that is the Atlanta beer scene.

Brewpubs? We’ve got ’em. 5 Seasons West has been rocking out lately with some of the best new creations since opening a couple of years ago.  5 Seasons Prado under Kevin McNearney is hop solid.  Wrecking Bar was recently nominated as one of the best in the U.S.   On the subject of the best in the U.S. – let’s talk beer bars. Some of the best on planet earth.  Porter Beer Bar, Brick Store Pub, Trappeze Pub (Athens) all break’s Top 20.  Don’t even get me started on beer stores.  You’ve guessed it. More of the best in America.

Here in Atlanta we’re thirsty, and that’s just fine with us.  Forget what you thought you knew.  It’s the south. It’s beer. It’s Southern Beer Culture.

Thanks to Bart Sasso and Esperanza-ATL for the absolutely badass logo.  It will look good tattooed on something. 

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  1. In your “backyard” paragraph, you mention Old Hickory, which seems to be from NC.  Did you mean to write Burnt Hickory Brewing in Kennesaw?

    • Totally. I was looking at some stuff for Olde Hickory, while writing about Burnt Hickory. Thanks for the heads up…

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