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CBS & iPhone 5 In One Day? Let The Geek Fights Begin

Looks like the much anticipated Founders Canadian Breakfast Stout is starting to flow through the beer community today. Post in the comments of where you’ve found it and we’ll keep an eye out for the best places to pick up your bottle.

CBS & iPhone 5 in one day? I’ll drink to that.. Hindsight. Just an iPhone 4S. Maybe Siri can find us a bottle.

photo source: auroracrisis

3 thoughts on “CBS & iPhone 5 In One Day? Let The Geek Fights Begin

  1. No iPhone 5 (prob just faster iPhone 4S) and only 4 cases of CBS in all of Atlanta…so won’t be much of a fight! 🙂

    • Something tells me this 4 cases in ATL thing is a load of BS to drum up hype (like it needs any more).  Of course supplies are going to be quite limited, but I’ve already had four different places (outside the perimeter at that) confirm that they’re definitely getting in a case or two between today and Thursday. Fingers crossed, it is damn tasty and not getting a bottle would be quite the disappointment!

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