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CASK ALERT! Terrapin Georgia Theatre Sessions Vol 1

Recently I’ve gotten A LOT of questions about when this beer benefiting the rebuild of the Georgia Theatre is going to finally arrive.  Official word from Terrapin? Not sure yet.  Each of the boxes had to be individually hand numbered and boxed, so it’s been a little time consuming.  A release party has already been held in Athens. (Thanks @jbyce)  I’m pleased to announce that your first taste of this beer is coming soon.  On April 6th, Manuel’s Tavern will have a cask of “The Iron Tankard.”

“The Iron Tankard” is the first release of 4 releases dedicated to the rebuild of The Georgia Theatre, taken by fire last year.  The Iron Tankard refers to a huge iron swimming pool that used to reside in the basement of the building when it started as a YMCA in 1889.  Tankard is an Old Ale, fitting for the age of the building itself.  Old Ales are characterized by a strong malt character.  Brewers used to transfer the ale to vats/oak casks to age for a long time.  Thus, Old Ale.

Ingredient run down –

Hops: Goldings

Malts: 2-row pale, Munich II, Crystal 65, Crystal 85, Special B

ABV — 9.4%

Manuel’s Tavern, 4/6/10  Time ???

602 N Highland Avenue Northeast
Atlanta, GA 30307-1433
(404) 525-3447

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