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Register your brewery for the Can Can Awards (Sponsored)

Just a few years ago, canned beer was limited to just a few styles. Most, if not all of those beers came from the world’s biggest breweries.

It’s a different world these days (in the craft segment, cans are 65%+ of the business. Almost daily, a new breweries is either coming online for the first time with cans in their lineup, or is making the transition to cans.

To celebrate this big business arises the Can Can Awards. The competition is broken down by style, similar to the World Beer Cup or medals at the Great American Beer Festival.

Consumers pay attention to (and ultimately buy) award winners. for the price of shipping a few cans and taking a minute to fit out the entry, your brewery can be in contention for a Can Can Award.

You’ve worked hard to bring your cans to the market. Perhaps this is a good way to get the recognition you deserve. Register here.