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California Man Goes For Brewer World Record

An Auburn, California brewer is going for a Guinness World Record. Alfred Lee hopes to gain the title for ” Most beers on tap by a single person.”  How many does he currently have? 110.

That’s right. 110 beers. On tap. All brewed by one man. Doesn’t seem plausible does it? I’ve reached out to a few local professional brewers that don’t buy it. Atlanta’s Red Brick Brewery has a staff of brewers, and packaging coordinators just to manage 3-5 beer offerings. How is one man brewing 110?

Apparently, the methodology is a secret. A secret that will be divulged when the record is set. All the beers are poured through a patent-pending device called Tapzilla (seen above.)

Full discloure. Lee mentions on his website that not all his beers are all-grain (no liquid malt extracts.) His massive lineup is a combination of all-grain, partial mash, and extract brewing. [SacBee]

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One thought on “California Man Goes For Brewer World Record

  1. Seems possible. Lets assume those are 3bbl fermenters and he splits a fermented batch into 2.5 gallon serving tanks located inside the “tapzilla”. That would give him 37 batches from 1 brew. Brew just 3 times and you have 110 different brews.

    That would allow him to brew a very light batch, a wheat batch and a dark batch. Blend into different serving containers with additions such as

    Cold Steep specialty grains
    add small amounts of liquid extract and additional yeast or bacteria
    add dry hop, hop tea, fruits, herbs, spices, wood, coffee…

    Seems possible to do and maybe a fun way to easily explore tons of variation with small batches. However, keeping all of those varieties in stock would be a different story..

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