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Anheuser-Busch Releases Bud Light Brand Extension, Mixx Tail

Anheuser-Busch is launching a new cocktail inspired line extension of Bud Light, dubbed MIXXTAIL.

MIXXTAIL is similar the idea of the Bud Light “Ritas” series. The beer hybrid features Bud Light, and natural flavoring to simulate mixed drink flavors. Three flavors are available at launch, including MIXXTAIL Firewalker, MIXXTAIL Hurricane, and MIXXTAIL Long Island.

“With Bud Light MIXXTAIL, consumers spoke and we listened. We created a cocktail-inspired beverage to quench consumers’ demand for more variety, mixology and easy, convenient cocktail solutions. MIXXTAIL’S bold cocktail taste makes it the perfect pregame in a bottle,” said Alexander Lambrecht, vice president, Bud Light.

Bud Light MIXXTAIL is meant to be served over ice. Available in 8-packs of 11.5 oz. recloseable aluminum bottles and single-serve 16 oz. and 25 oz. cans beginning Feb. 16.

Anheuser-Busch also just announced Oculto, a lager aged on tequila staves with agave.

22 thoughts on “Anheuser-Busch Releases Bud Light Brand Extension, Mixx Tail

  1. See, this is why I say the crafts flirt with danger by going too far down the “infused” this, “barrel-aged” that. Those ancillary flavors become the focus for mass-beer drinkers who have not yet developed a taste for clean, fresh beers with a strong backbones and character. The big boys will market “new” flavors all day. Plus you risk foisting some really awful stuff on your customers — like Sierra Nevada’s Rain Check and its horribly chemical “ginger-lime” injection.

    • Perhaps I’ll give it a try, I mean, I’ll try anything once for the most part. I just like having strong, heavy with lack of better description, here to keep the college kid living at home out of it.

  2. I thought Rain Check was great. Certain Beer styles can accentuate flavor additions such as fruits and spices. As a craft lover its fun to see base beers and then what different brewers can come up with from there. Ballast Point Sculpin is a great example of a beer that is fun to see the changes in

  3. Tried the Mixx Tail Long Island and found it to be really disgusting!
    What the heck was I even thinking for trying anyway?

    • I think it tastes pretty good drinking this as I’m writing it. It’s not supposed to be an exact Long Island. It says malt beverage with artificial sweetener right on it so you should expect a Smirnoff/mojito type of vibe to it. My advice is if u like long islands keep that tip in mind. – From a 26 year old beer drink lover in Grand Rapids whose tried a lot of everything under the sun :). If it was bad I would say it.

  4. Its so filling, 2 drinks of one of these and you will be so full without a need to drink more. Too much fruity flavor and it seems like its not mixed right for the after taste. Strong smell if you are in a small room the aroma from the can will linger. Just not worth it and why its in a 25 ounce can i’ll never know, it will get warm way before you will finish just one. And trust me you won’t even dare a second one.

    • Lots of calories in these things. 195 cal per 8 oz…compare that to regular beer at about 150 cal per 12 oz and light beer at about 95 cal per 12 oz. So drinking a 24 oz Mixxtail is almost 600 calories!

  5. Very strong drinking 5 of them made me sick bad hangover——-luvvv the firewalker great yaste

    • Dodger Doug Doug, it’s really not to bad. I think it tastes good when I bought it I didn’t expect a respectful exact taste of Long Island cuz it says malt beverage with artificial sweetener right on it. It’s a Long Island with a Smirnoff/mojito twist to it. If your a buyer that’s what u should expect but everybody’s taste buds are different but I think it tastes good although a bit pricy 17.00 for 8 of them. About 2.12 a piece in west michigan.

  6. The Hurricane is very good. I tasted it when my friend had it and had to buy it for myself. Very delish!!!

  7. I absolutely LOVE THESE! I am NOT a beer drinker so people who prefer beer will probably not like them. This is so much better than wine coolers. For someone who does not drink much, like me, it packs a big punch so beware. I could feel the effect’s after only one. But like I said, I am NOT a drinker. Please continue to make these! They are awesome! Kim – Navarre, Fl

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