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Bronx Brewery shifts to 12oz cans, new designs

Bronx Brewery (New York, New York) has just unveiled new 12 ounce cans into their lineup. The brewery is making a switch from the 16 ounce, 4 packs.

The new packaging features a few custom design elements, updated brand logos, and imagery, plus a newly designed ‘BX’ seal that highlights the brewery’s industrial setting in the south Bronx..

“While the larger format can was popular on some occasions, most of our fans and retail customers said they’d prefer the standard-sized 12 oz. cans for everyday drinking,” said Chris Gallant. “Their feedback is very important to us, so we felt this was the right time to switch up our packaging, not only to grow our business but to meet the needs of our loyal customers.”

Year round offerings in the 12 ounce packaging, includes:

Bronx American Pale Ale: Deep amber in color with English caramel & biscuit malts balanced with West Coast citrus hops. (Orange, silver and black packaging)

Bronx Rye Ale: A crisp, golden-orange pale ale with bold rye & piney hops. (Blue, silver and black packaging)

Bronx Belgian Pale Ale: A remarkably intricate South Bronx take on a Belgian classic with notes of tropical fruits and spices. (Green, silver and black packaging)

Bronx Session IPA: An easy-drinking IPA that packs plenty of tropical hop flavor and finishes tart. (Red, silver and black packaging)

Bronx Brewery cans are currently shipping to New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut.

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