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Brickstore Pub’s Cask Lineup! Tapping Now!

Lee Dickson at Brickstore Pub has been busy.  Busy setting up a bit of a marathon cask lineup.   This past weekend, BSP tapped Highland Brewing’s 15th Anniversary.  Tapping now is Brasserie Franches Mongtanes Alex La Rouge.  Recently imported by B United in congruence with brewer/founder Jerome Rebetez’s rare visit to the US.  This cask is RARE!!  Each cask in the lineup below will tapped one after the other.  16 oz pours will run you about $5 each.  (Alex La Rouge is $6)  Tapping starts now.  I will update you when the next taps! (Note: List below is not in order)

Brasserie Franches Montagnes – Alex La Rouge —Imperial  Stout,10.2%.  One of 16 casks sent to North America.  Very Rare.   Bourbon Vanilla, Black Tea Leaves, Black Pepper.  Hints of wet hopping.

Wintercoat- Mols Øl -Scottish Gruit/Ancient Herbed ale, 6.4% ABV.   Wintercoat hails from Sabro, Denmark.   Brewed in a former barn, literally in stalls where horses were kept.  Wintercoat specializes in English style Ales, and are unfiltered and unpasteurized.  Mols Øl is Danish inspired using local ingredients.  Mols refers to a peninsula in Denmark, declared a national park in 2009.  Mols Øl has barley wheat, rye, and oat malts.  Juniper branches are used to strain the mash.  Wild thyme is added to the hops.  Appears deep red, amberish in color.  Malty, smells of herbs, with a slight sweet finish.

RCH Brewery – Old Slug – English Porter, 4.5% ABV.   RCH stands for Royal Clarence Hotel where the brewery got started in the 1980’s in England.  RCH’s old brewery had a slug problem.  Old Slug Porter laces the glass leaving a trail like a slug… thus the name.  This porter has hints of coffee and chocolate.  Black Currant and Black Cherry tones are notable.  Tasty, and sessionable.

Gwatkin- Norman Cider , 7.5% ABV.  Gwatkin Cider is created in the English countryside.  Gwatkin ciders have won numerous awards.  The Norman Cider apple is imported from Normandy, France.  The juice from this apple ferments quickly, creating a new medium bodied cider.    Sold in wine bottles in England.

RCH Brewery – Santa Fe- Strong Ale, 7.3% ABV.  Carmel malts, mild bitterness, some alcohol tones.  Subtle hop flavors.

Wintercoat- Double Hop– Imperial IPA, 8.2% ABV.  Brewed with ale yeast.  Hop and malt balance, especially with Double hop being a well hopped beer.  Some bitter in finish.

Gwatkins- Golden Valley Blend– Cider , 6.0% ABV.  The name Golden Valley comes from a small place in Herefordshire England where cider has been traditionally brewed for centuries.   Local apples are grown and pressed for Golden Valley Blend.  Medium Bodied cider brewed with Apples, natural sugar, and trace sulphur.

Brickstore Pub

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