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News and release information surrounding Mikkeller Brewing San Diego. Opening in early 2016.

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Mikkeller Haze Cadet releases in San Diego

Mikkeller Haze Cadet

Mikkeller Haze Cadet debuts today in San Diego, California.

As the name suggests, Haze Cadet is a (hazy) New England style IPA, brewed with Riesling grape juice.

Mikkeller Haze Cadet is available in 16-ounce cans/4 packs for $20 each.

Style: IPA (w/ Riesling Juice)
Availability: 16oz Cans. Brewery only release.
Debut: 8/5/17

7% ABV

Image: Mikkeller San Diego

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Mikkeller to build a brewery at Citi Field, home of the Mets

Mikkeller Brewing NYC

For years Mikkeller Brewing, headed up by Mikkel Borg Bjergsø, was a one of the world’s most venerable gypsy brewers. Meaning he didn’t have a brewery of his own to call home.

That all changed when Peter Zien, owner and founder of AleSmith Brewing, was expanding in San Diego and mentioned his old space a mile away was for sale. Bjergsø jumped at the chance, and Mikkeller Brewing San Diego was born.

Despite his brewery’s geographical proximity to California ballparks (especially the San Diego Padres), Mikkeller brewed two beers for Citi Field, home of the New York Mets this season. That move might make more sense now, as Mikkeller Brewing NYC is on the way.

Initial details.

Beer Street Journal is told the brewery will occupy a portion of the stadium that the Mets were using for ticket holder and fan hospitality near 126th Street and Right Field Gate. A 20-barrel brewhouse and around 60 taps will be found there.

The cost of construction and initial plans have not been disclosed. The build is expected to be completed in 2017.

It would seem baseball park breweries are becoming popular. Terrapin just opened a 5-barrel brewhouse at the new Suntrust Park in Atlanta. For years, The Sandlot Brewery has been operating at Coors Field in Denver; touted as the birthplace of Blue Moon.

A placeholder site for Mikkeller Brewing NYC is now live.

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Proof that raspberries & coffee work. Mikkeller Fruit Face is a beautiful beginning

Mikkeller Fruit Face Raspberry Coffee

The world renown Mikkeller has finally found a home in San Diego, and is canning no less. It didn’t take much convincing that what was going to come out of the the San Diego spot would be gold.

In January, the first limited release debuted, Mikkeller San Diego Fruit Face Raspberry Coffee.

First of all, in our book Mikkeller is synonymous with words like unique, weird, and creative. If you have a few hours, go ahead and read over founder Mikkel Borg Bjergsø insane body of work. It will take you a while.

Kicking off 2017, some of the first beers emerging from Mikkeller San Diego are in cans. Among the first was an incredibly dank Uklar IPA, and this ruby hued beauty – Fruit Face Raspberry Coffee. Maybe it’s just us, but we never thought of combining raspberries and coffee. Turns out, we should have done it a long time ago.

There is an esoterically addictive qualitiy to this edition of Fruit Face. Each tart sip starts with fresh raspberries and ends with a hint of fresh ground coffee beans. A real stunner that you can’t put down. Good thing this beer is just 4% ABV.

With everything in life, there’s a catch. Fruit Face Raspberry Coffee is part of Mikkeller San Diego’s Small Batch Series, and unfortunately very limited. Releases like this debut every weekend throughout the year and will rarely stray far from San Francisco, San Diego, Oakland and Los Angeles.

So much good coming out Mikkeller’s U.S. spot this year, and we’re just getting started.

Style: Berliner Weisse (w/ Raspberries, Coffee)
Availability:16oz Cans
Debut: January, 2017

4% ABV

PIC: Beer Street Journal 

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Never gonna give you up. Rick Astley is creating his own beer

Even if you are too young to have experienced Rick Astley’s hit, “Never Gonna Give You Up”, the chances you haven’t heard the song are slim. The 1987 single rocketed him to fame, topping the charts in 25 countries. The internet brought the the song back into popularity again in 2008, thanks to the now infamous “rickrolling” prank. Google that.

His next hit? Beer.

Danish brewer Mikkeller has reportedly partnered with Rick Astley, on a new lager. The beer has yet to be named.

No word on if the U.S. will see Rick Astley’s beer, however it is important to note that Mikkeller started brewing stateside in 2016 at their new San Diego facility.

Prediction. Rickrolling will soon evolve to be chugging this beer. Think Smirnoff Ice and “icing” someone. Singing will have to be involved.

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Mikkeller will soon have a U.S. brewery thanks to Alesmith

Mikkeller, a gypsy brewery (meaning no brick & mortar home) and one of the world’s most popular brewers, will soon have a place to call home. You might recall a Beer Street Journal story back in February about this partnership; now we have more information.

Mikkel Borg Bjergsø, the founder of Danish brewery Mikkeller, has entered into an agreement with Peter Zien of San Diego, California based Alesmith Brewing Company. The duo have created a company you’ll know as Mikkeller Brewing San Diego. Both individuals have a stake in the partnership.

Mikkeller Brewing San Diego wil be housed at AleSmith’s original headquarters, on Cabot Drive in San Diego’s Miramar community. This location will produce new and current popular offerings for not only the United States, but the world.

“People have always asked me when I’m going to open my own brewery, and my answer has always been ‘never.’ It’s the easiest answer, but it’s been on my mind for several years,” says Bjergsø. “I like being a ‘gypsy brewer,’ but know that having a stake in a U.S. brewery will change our position here. Brewing in one of the best breweries in the world really makes sense. If they can brew beers like they do at AleSmith, it really can’t go wrong.”

Mikkeller Brewing San Diego will use AleSmith’s 30 Barrel system, which was producing around 15,000 barrels annually before AleSmith expanded. Some of AleSmith’s original employees will transition over to this facility.

What and when to expect… 

Mikkeller Brewing San Diego will be a playground for brewer collaborations. If you are familiar with Mikkeller’s body of brewing work, collaborations top Bjergso’s priorities. A 750 square-foot tasting room resembling Miklkeller’s global beer bars will be open in early 2016.