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Blue Moon Spices Up Winter Release

Blue Moon Spiced Amber

Blue Moon Spiced Amber

Blue Moon Brewing will be brewing up a new winter seasonal – Spiced Amber.  Coors looks to be developing the Blue Moon series to align with more craft offerings.


Our limited Spice Amber Ale is crafted with cinnamon, roasted malts, and a touch of wheat for a perfectly balanced spiced flavor and a warming caramel finish.  The ideal ale for relaxing by the fire.

The Blue Moon lineup currently includes: Belgian White, Summer Honey, Pumpkin, Spring Blonde (new in 2011), Winter Abbey, & Pale Moon.  In 750’s there is Blue Moon Grand Cru, and plans to release Vintage Blonde Ale brewed with grapes in 2011 also.

Style: Amber Ale/ Spice Beer

Availability: 12oz/6pks, Draft.

5.6% ABV

15 thoughts on “Blue Moon Spices Up Winter Release

  1. I can’t get enough of the spiced amber ale where in western NY my can I buy a 6 pack by itself the only thing I can find is the sampler pack. Consumer beverage says its not available in a 6 pack Please help. This is one fine beer!

  2. The Spiced Amber Ale is amazing!  I’d much rather have access to full 12 pks of this over the Winter Abbey Ale (which is also delish, but not in comparison to the Spiced Amber Ale.)  It would make a great Fall beer as well!

  3. I have been running all over town trying to find the spiced amber in a 6-pk, 12-pk, case, truckload…very tasty but frustrating that I can only find it in the mixed case.

  4. yea its February and im still thinking about this beer… i never by blue moon products but if this beer was available all year round i would never let my fridge run out. bring it back PLEASE!

  5. I LOVE this beer,I hope you come out with it in 12 packs I would buy it all the time. I love the cinnamon taste it’s great. Please continue making this!

  6. I agree with everyone else this beer is the best. I do hope you bring this out in 12 packs. I LOVE this beer. PLEASE bring it out in 12 packs PLEASE PLEASE !!!!

  7. Great comments its that time of year again and I’m still looking for a six, twelve, case or keg of the spiced amber ale. I might just call the place in Rhode Island tosee if they have 6 or 12 packs. I wrote the company and they never got back to me

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