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Bissell Brothers to expand to new Portland location

Portland, Maine’s Bissell Brothers Brewing Company will be moving into a new location in the second quarter of 2016. The brewery has chosen a new location in the Brick North building at Thompson’s Point in Portland, Maine.

Like numerous growing breweries in the U.S., this move is needed in order to expand production capacity, as well as tap room size. Currently, Bissell Brothers is located at One Industrial Place, right next to both Foundation Brewing and Allagash Brewing.

According to Bissell Brothers, the Thompson’s Point industrial area is currently being redeveloped, so the brewery is a little ahead of the curve for what is to come there.

…there are BIG things happening on this spit of land, and we are incredibly excited to be a part of it – craft beverages, amazing food, large-scale performances and events, museums & cultural attractions – It’s all happening there, and soon. The Thompson’s Point development team has been incredibly accommodating and welcoming – These guys are visionaries, open to any idea, and are sowing the seeds of a unique, collaborative village.

The brewery at One Industrial Place will be open as normal until further notice. The brewery has not disclosed a complete time frame for the expansion, or project cost at this time.