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Bell’s To Use 100 Year Old Fermenters In New Project

Bell’s cut the ribbon on their new brewhouse last week, giving the brewery much needed room to grow.  The news doesn’t stop there.  An interesting new project is surfacing, combining some 100 year old history and new brewing techniques for Bell’s.

John Mallett (Production Manager at Bell’s) met with John Stroh (who’s family started Stroh Brewing) and it was mentioned that there were 100 year old wooden fermenters in an old warehouse in Detroit, Michigan.  So now sits in the cellar of the new facility (in pieces apparently) 4 of these century old fermenters.

The plan is to reassemble these fermenters to create a new line of draft only beers brewed with open fermentation (open top).  Part of the brewhouse was built specifically to hold this big tanks.

No timeline on the projects completion, or when the first beers will be released.  [MLive]