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Bell’s Sparking 750’s Hit Eccentric

Bell’s announced to day that Sparkling Ale just hit shelves at the Eccentric Cafe.  Last seen in 12oz bottles and draft more than a year ago.  No word on distribution of this beer again any time soon.   This is the first time this beer has been in large bottle format.

Conceived as an American interpretation of the classic Belgian Triple, Sparkling Ale combines notes of cloves, honey and dried fruits from a blend of two Abbey-style yeast strains with citrusy hops from the Pacific Northwest to offer a heady, fragrant mix. These aromas are enhanced by an effervescent carbonation, while a degree of residual malt sweetness serves to balance the complex array of flavors.

Style: Tripel
Currently Availability (As of 11/23/11) 750ml bombers. Cafe only

9% ABV