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Beer An “Untapped” Market At College Football Games

It’s almost college football season.  That means long Saturdays of all day drinking. If you are going to game this year, there might be a chance that you can actually buy beer INSIDE the stadium, instead of sneaking it in ala drug mule style.

More colleges are either selling beer at the game or considering selling it.  West Virginia announced in June that they will be serving beer this fall.  LSU not only is selling it, but they will be brewing their own with Tin Roof Brewing and teaching classes on the industry on site.  University of Northern Iowa is very seriously considering beer sales.

If you think about it, it literally (and figuatively) is an untapped market.  The athletic director at Northern Iowa estimates in upwards of $1 million dollars in revenue from beer, going straight to support not only the athletic program, but the school.  I could stave off the need to raise tuition for a few more semesters.  Fear not the red tape, as the NCAA has no rule against the sale of beer at football games.  The only rule is against advertising at championships/bowl games.

The beer is already at the games.  Why not capitalize on it? [ShreveportTimes]