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Drunk reading. Barnes & Noble to sell beer & wine

Barnes & Noble

Starbucks has branched out into beer and wine with moderate success. Taco Bell has tested alcohol on their menu as well. Now, Barnes & Noble looks to be placing a bet on beer and wine.

At an investor meeting on Thursday, Barnes & Noble announced that on premise beer and wine will be available at at least four of their new stores opening soon. This move? To compete with Amazon.

Amazon is the biggest enemy of Barnes & Noble, which has been posting losses as of late. The Nook reader isn’t doing too hot either, as people still love paper.

The move to sell beer and wine is one to hopefully lure people back into the store for their purchases/reading, and sometimes cramming for finals, over ordering in a matter of days with Prime.

In the meantime, I still haven’t had a beer at a Starbucks. Perhaps tonight is the night.