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Backlash Kicks Off Apocalypse with “Conquest”

The first release in a new series surrounding the Apocalpyse from Backlash is Conquest, a white IPA. Founder Helder on the beer’s flavor –

So, having smelled the beer, you would probably expect a giant hop smack in your cake-hole.  However, this beer doesn’t quite do that.  It’s very smooth, with a small amount of underlying bitterness.  Granted, the tag “White IPA” may insinuate (to some people) a hoppier/more bitter profile.  The taste is of wheat malt and orange sweetness, but finishes relatively dry with a tinge of piney bitterness.  Is there such a thing as White Pale Ale?

Style: IPA
Availability: 22oz bombers
Arrival: Late September, 2012

?? ABV