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Avery Barrel Aged #16: Ross’s’s’ Melange

Avery Ross's's' Melange Barrel Aged Wild Ale

There has been a lot of activity in Avery Brewing’s Barrel Aged Series. This month Volunt Plus Erat was released, and in a few weeks Momi Hiwi. Number 16 in the series will be Ross’s’s Melange. This wild ale is brewed with grape must, aged in Chardonnay barrels, with a blend of champagne and brettanomyces yeasts. Apparently brewed for eternal optimist, Ross.

No. 16. And we quote: Ugghhh…. You think you’re having a bad day, try having a bad life! The ocean is so boring you might as well be looking at the sky. All three of my bikes are at the brewery and I haven’t had water in three days.The best think about being a pessimist is getting to prove an optimist wrong. Life will be easier when I’m dead. 

Style: American Wild Ales (w/ Grape Must. Wine Barrel Aged. Chardonnay)
Availability: 12oz bottles
Arrival: TBA

7.89% ABV 

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