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Your favorite Avery beers are getting a new look

Boulder, Colorado-based Avery Brewing is has unveiled refreshed artwork for some of their most popular brands.

With Avery’s 25th anniversary approaching, the brewery teamed up with nationally recognized artist Neil Shigley. The goal was to create unique artwork for the brewery’s popular beers that was “modern and fresh” yet still paid homage to beer’s heritage and recognition.

“Our goal was to stay true to the artistry that each beer represents while also building a beacon of light in a sea of choices. We are driven to create inspiring beer experiences and the new artwork reflects the focus of our craft.” – Adam Avery, Founder and CEO

Avery and Shigley spent a good amount of time together in both Shigley’s San Diego home and at Avery Brewing ahead of the refresh, getting a feel for the new artistic direction. Above are the first designs going into production now.

Fans can expect to see newly designed artwork on their favorite beers over the rest of 2018 and into 2019.