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Arrogant Brewing Who You Callin’ Wussie, to take back the pilsner

Arrogant Brewing Who You Callin' Wussie

Arrogant Brewing Who You Callin’ Wussie is available nationwide starting today. If you don’t know Arrogant Brewing, think Stone…

Stone Brewing, and now the wing of their brewery “Arrogant,” has railed against “industrialized fizzy yellow beer” for years. Get ready for a string of quotes. The release of Arrogant Brewing Who You Callin’ Wussie is their attempt to bring “righteousness and salvation” to those that have been infiltrated by “industrial beer.”

This yellow beer is a noble pilsner, brewed to style,with no “commercial homogenization” or “shortcuts”.

“They do it cheaply. We do it right. Choose vapidity, or choose righteousness…but whatever you do, choose wisely,” said Arrogant Bastard with the expectation that, ultimately, it’s up to you to figure it out for yourself.’

Arrogant Brewing Who You Callin’ Wussie launches nationwide on draft and 16 ounce cans starting June 27th.

Style: Pilsner
Availability: 16oz Cans, Draft. Year-Round
Distribution: All states except – MS, WV, OK, UT, WY, ND, SD, MI

5.8% ABV, 47 IBUs