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Allagash’s First Spontaneous Beers, Sold Spontaneously

Allagash Brewing mentioned today only on Twitter that the first of the brewery’s spontaneously brewed beer will finally be sold.  These beers were brewed over the course of the last 1-3 years.

Interestingly enough, the brewery will NOT announce when the beer goes on sale. That will also be spontaneous. Within the next 90 days.  (Fits doesn’t it.)

Allagash briefly mentioned on their blog in January 2008:
Last month we brewed the first two of our spontaneously fermented beers at Allagash. In brewing these beers we are using an authentic, traditional process honoring the classic Belgian Lambic tradition, including the use of a cool ship, which we built specifically for these spontaneous beers.

Also check out this video about the process. <Allagash Blog>