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Synergy Home Brewing Setup

Synergy Home Brewing Setup

Yeah, you could go to Home Depot and piecemeal together a home brewing set up.  But you have a few thousand dollars burning a hole in your pocket and can’t be bothered with that.  That’s where this set up comes in.  Take your all grain brewing to the next level with  Synergy Brew’s 15 gallon system.

The 2-tier setup features (2) 155,000 BTU burners, mashtun with false bottom, brew kettle, & hot liquor tank.  There is a shelf for pumps & wort chillers, and removable top-tier to set up second boil.  Total brew volume – 15 U.S. gallons.

This system will run you 1,895.00.  One is available from Etsy.  Check out the whole description. Not rich enough?  Find some friends. Get Brewing. <Etsy>

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