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A Menagerie In Glass (No 5)

This upcoming brew comes from my home state of Delaware.  Evolution Brewing is based at the very bottom of the state overlapping into Maryland.  Evo is less than an hour from Milton, home of Dogfish Head.  The brewery produces about 3,500 barrels annually with a higher capacity planned.

Menagerie No 5 arrives in late spring.  A small batch imperial stout aged in oak bourbon barrels.

Evolutions’s Menagerie Series is an assorted creation of one offs that will (probably) never be seen again.  Numbered in sequence, each release is a unique beer.  They are usually (but not always) oak aged and often (but not exclusively) blended.   We have decided to bottle couple of these a year so we can lay some down in our cellar.  Bottle Conditioned.

Availability: 22oz bottles. Brewery only release.

10.5% ABV